What do I do I am fasting

Scripturally, fasting is almost always partnered with prayer

(Ezra 8:21,23; Luke 2:36-37)

During times when you would normally eat you may want to:

• Worship— (Nehemiah 9:1-3;

Acts 13:1-3)

• Petition (Daniel 9:3,17)

• Read the Word of God (Nehemiah 9:1-3; Jeremiah 36:6)

• Ask for direction and guidance (Judges 20:19-46; Ezra 8:21)

• Repentance (Joel 2:12-17)

Our prayer for you over the

twenty-one days is that your passion for God and His Word will be ignited, and that you will develop a hunger for His presence that is greater than ever before!


3 different kinds of fasting

FULL FAST                                                                     Drink only liquids – especially water. On this type of fast you may also take in clear broth and 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices in order to maintain your strength.


There are many options for partial fasts. The most frequently used example of a partial fast is found in Daniel chapter 10. The Daniel Fast is a fast from meats, sweets, breads and any drink, except water, for a specific time period (Daniel 10:2-3). The easiest way to think of this fast is eating only vegetables and fruits, and drinking only water. More detail on this fast below.


-Giving up one item of food or drink such as caffeine, coffee, soft drinks or sweets

- Limiting Screen time—Tv, computer, cel phone, video games, social media , etc,

-Giving up one meal a day for a specific amount of time, one meal a week, etc.

-Fasting for a set time during the day. For instance, from 6:00am to 3:00pm or from sun-up to sundown.


In this type of fast you omit a specific item(s) from your meal plans. For example, you may choose to eliminate all red meat, processed or fast food, or sweets. Most people can incorporate this type of fast relatively easily. It can also prove to be a great solution for people with specific dietary needs or medical conditions that may cause certain limitations.


A juice fast is simply consuming vegetable and fruit juices and water instead of solid food. Many people include whey protein in their liquid plan as well. This is one of the most popular and effective fasts. Even if you choose not to make your entire fast liquids only, substituting one or two meals for liquids is a great alternative.


DANIEL FAST The Daniel fast is a great model to follow and one that is extremely effective  for spiritual focus, bodily discipline, and purification of the body and soul. It is one of the most commonly referred-to fasts; however, within the Daniel fast there is room for broad interpretation. Daniel 1 states that he only ate vegetables and water, and in Daniel 10, while the passage does not give a specific list of foods that Daniel ate, it does state that he ate no rich (or choice) foods, as well as no meat or wine. So based on these two verses, we can see that either of these, or combinations of the two, constitute a Daniel fast.It is important to reiterate that there is nothing inherently spiritual about one type of fast as opposed to another. Your goal should be to seek God in prayer about this and follow what the Holy Spirit leads you to do.


Daniel Fast - foods to avoid

Foods to avoidon the Daniel FastAll animal products including all meat, poultry, fish...White riceWhite breadAll deep fried foodsCaffeineCoffee (including decaf b/c containssmall amount of caffeine)Carbonated beveragesEnergy drinksFoods containing preservatives, additivesRefined foodsProcessed foodsFood additivesRefined sugarSugar substitutesRaw sugarSyrupsMolassesCane juiceWhite flourMargarineShorteningHigh fat productsButterAll leavened breadsBaked goodsAll dairyMilkCheeseYogurtCreamEggsAlcoholMayonnaiseBeveragesincluding but not limited to coffee, tea, herbal teas, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, and alcohol.

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